As relief begins to arrive for many of the affected areas along the Coastal Bend, one town feels like they have been overlooked.

The city of Bayside caught as much of Harvey's power as other of the most impacted communities, and the town's mayor is pleading for help.

There was an eerie silence in Bayside Tuesday, interrupted only by wind and the occasional car driving slowly through town.

The town is difficult to access, with power lines and debris covering many of the roads. It's also cut off from electricity and running water.

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While some residents evacuated, many there braved the storm, including the town's Mayor.

"It's horrible," Bayside Mayor Sharon Scott said. "Looks like a war zone in town."

What would normally be a breathtaking view on the bay is currently overshadowed by evident destruction.

"The top, the whole roof is gone," Scott said. "You can see inside the house. Even knocked the wall out of the kitchen. This is my bedroom."

Scott said despite the devastation, no one was killed or hurt.

"Most important thing is everyone is safe. We can rebuild the house," Scott said. "I'm going to rebuild here. I'm not leaving. I've lived here all my life, I ain't leavin'."

There are 325 residents in Bayside and there seems to be no corner left untouched by Harvey. The town is in ruins and the people there want the outside world to know that like Rockport, Port Aransas, Refugio, and many more communities, they too are devastated.

Even when all seems to be gone, there's always at least one soul who's lifting spirits up. Someone unwilling to give up on Bayside."I'm just a crazy person. I want to be happy. So I just immediately switch from that sadness to 'come look at this, come look at that, and see if you need this,' and that kind of gets their mind off their sadness," Clark said.

While everyone has a role to fill, people out of town are trickling in and begin to fill theirs, bringing aid in the form of food and supplies.

The people of Bayside are beginning to pick up the pieces, learn from this experience and not take anymore chances.

"I won't do it again, because I'm fortunate to still be alive," Scott said.