There are a number of places around the Corpus Christi that historically flood during heavy downpours, and forecasters at the National Weather Service said we can add some more problem areas to that list.

Many new homes and subdivisions have gone up south of Saratoga Boulevard -- an area that was historically low-lying farmland. Forecasters from the National Weather Service said people on that side of town need to be prepared for flooding if Harvey hits and is a big rainmaker.

"Especially some of the newer developments on the southside. Especially along the Rodd Field area, along the Saratoga area, and points south," said Robert Hart of the National Weather Service. "It's really flat land down there. If we get a lot of heavy rain pretty rapidly, which could lead to some flash floods, and if we get widespread rain we have to worry about Oso Creek flooding."

Hart said he and other experts do the calculations during heavy rain events and will be able to warn people with real-time predictions about any flood threats.