On October 18th, we met a Port Aransas woman who found boxes of valuables underneath her home after Hurricane Harvey.

Hours after that story aired, the owner of the boxes was found, and Sunday evening the two met up for an exchange which brought back years of memories.

Weeks later, on Saturday, Austen Meyer had a storage unit in Port Aransas.

He was out of town right when hurricane Harvey hit and after the hurricane, most of his valuables were washed away.

However, two boxes landed in the driveway of Karen Bently.

The two strangers were brought together by two boxes and one of them filled with crystals.

Meyer says his young daughter Katy, does not know the collection exists, mostly because they have not seen each other in over twelve years.

With his written words that brought up memories both good and bad, Meyer also says despite the hundreds of dollars, these crystals are worth, the card is worth more

Meyer hopes to see his beloved Katy who will be 18-years-old next year.

Meyer plans to give her these crystals to her which are worth a life time of memories and love.

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