A young man is setting out on a world record road trip to become the youngest person to visit all 417 of the National Park sites across the U.S.

Today, we caught up with Mikah Meyer who was visiting the Padre Island National Seashore. The stop is number 127 on his journey.

Mikah told us he made it a goal when he turned 30, saying he would follow one of his life dreams to see all the National Park service sites. It came after his father passed away from cancer, something he says made him realize that if he wanted to follow his dream he should do it now rather than later.

So he set out back on April 29 of last year which was the 11th anniversary of his father's passing. He turned his cargo van into a mobile home and right now has racked up close to 15,000 miles.

Mikah told us, "the idea being, I could take a day that was horrible for the past 11 years and try to repurpose it into something triumphant and positive."

He also said he hopes the trip will help break stereotypes.

Mikah said, "I'm using this trip as well to help the Park Service. They struggle to reach my generation, the average age of a park visitor is 60, so I'm literally half the age of a park visitor, and as an openly gay man that is another demographic the National Park Service struggles to reach."

He says he is funding his journey from money that he saved and from a small handful of sponsors.

His next stop is South Padre Island and then onto the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park in Brownsville.

You can follow his journey by going to the website, www.TBCMikah.com.