Joseph Tejeda, the man accused of murdering 21-year-old Breanna Wood, was back in court Tuesday asking for reduced bond, as well as for other evidence to be presented.

The judge, however, did not reduce his bond, which means Tejeda will remain in jail until trial begins.

Wood's family walked into court Tuesday anxious that her accused killer could be back on the streets if bond was reduced, but after a back and forth between his defense attorney and the State, Wood's mom could breathe again.

"We believe that there are alternatives in which Mr. Tejeda could be tracked with a GPS monitor, home curfew, reporting to pre-trial twice a week," Tejeda's attorney said.

Tejeda's attorney said because his client was already in jail on a $50,000 bond for a burglary charge and wasn't able to make that amount, the $1 million bond he has for the murder charge is unreasonable. However, the State said with the trial just around the corner, there is no need for a lower bond.

The judge agreed with the State.

Wood's mother was relieved to hear that.

"I was very grateful," Fallon Wood said. "I was very nervous going in. I just can't imagine him being on the street and another mother having to go through what I went through."

Tejeda's attorney also requested more evidence, like body cam footage and recorded conversations that he believes are missing. The District Attorney's Office agreed to present any more evidence they can find within the next two weeks.

Another request to allow Tejeda to go back to the crime scene was also supposed to be addressed in Tuesday's hearing but in the end, Tejeda's attorney decided to delay that request.

The murder trial is set to begin in either late October or early November.