Aransas Pass Police Department held a lecture Monday night to educate the public on how to survive during a mass shooting.

"We've seen more and more active shooters, terrorist situations and it's important that citizens know how to defend themselves," said Administrative Captain Lynn Pearce.

Pearce is teaching the resident in the city on what to do if their lives are put in danger. Chiropractor and teacher at Aransas Pass High School, Dr. Rafael Moreno, was in the audience and said he heard about the class on Facebook.

"You know we have to be proactive and I felt a sense of responsibility for my family, for my community for my patients, and for my students," Moreno said.

The premise of the class is A.D.D: avoid, deny and defend.

"Being aware of our surroundings," Pearce said. "Recognizing danger early on and how to react to it."

Pearce said it is essential to react even if the body is telling you to freeze.

"We want to deny access from that person to us by locking ourselves in a secure room," Pearce said.

Lock the door and if the door does not have a lock use objects to barricade and turn off the lights.

"We talked about what could be used as weapons areas to attack and basically how to defend ourselves when it comes down to it," Pearce said.

The police department plans on hosting a phase two fo the lecture.

"Where we teach self-aid and buddy aid where if you are in the situation and you get shot you can help yourself or someone that's with you," Pearce said.

According to Pearce, their department is reaching out to schools, the city chamber, churches, and businesses about hosting classes as well.

"I highly recommend it in the future and hope that people take advantage of this because you just never know," Moreno said.