The City of Alice Water Authority teamed up with the Wildlife Department Monday night to get rid of vultures that have plagued the area for awhile

Several rounds of pyrotechnics were fired into the air right before dusk.

Six months ago residents approached the city about the buzzards perching up on the elevated water tank on East Hill and South Cameron streets.

The birds often left droppings on the surrounding houses and street.

Two months ago rounds were fired off by the tower.

"Everyday they fire less and less rounds," water official Demetrio Duarte Jr. said. "They were actually gone for about two to three weeks but they migrated back. So while the group is still small we want to get rid of them."

The pyrotechnics were shot through .22 caliber rifle that creates a spark in the air and a small cloud of smoke.

Spikes were put along the tower years ago but it did not stop the tank from being a popular landing spot for the buzzards.

The City of Alice posted flyers early Thursday morning letting residents know not to be alarmed by the shots.

Officials explored other options for scaring the vultures away including placing a stuffed vulture on the tower but didn't beleive it would be as affective as firing rounds.

Rounds will continue to be fired off for a few weeks to make sure the birds don't come back.