July 4th's sparkly bomb's bursting in the air probably sounded like World War 3 to your dog.

Animal care picked up nearly a dozen pets on Tuesday.

Kiii Reporter Heather Gustafson spoke with Cheryl Martinez, an animal care services advisory member, about a proposal she's working on.

Martinez has already helped to cut down the number of pets euthanized in the city every year. Now, she wants to make sure the lost ones find their way home. Her plan is mandatory micro-chipping.

Martinez said, "Tags are great but how many times have animals gotten out and they're collar gets stuck on the fence. The microchip is going to be in there, it's implanted in their body."

Her proposed new City Ordinance would require owners to pay a one-time microchip fee of around $20.00 rather than pay yearly city costs.

In San Antonio a similar ordinance took effect and the rate of animals returned to their owners jumped from 4% to 25%.

Martinez said when you look at the cost, it really does save you money because you have fewer animals in the shelter, and that is the goal as a city