Aransas County is hoping to get some $11 million from the BP oil spill settlement dollars the State will start handing out in the near future.

The goal is to try and make improvements to the waterways along the Rockport-Fulton bayfront.

Wildlife around the Rockport area love to call little bay home. Thousands nest out on the two islands in the middle of the body of water located at Rockport Beach. It's also where people enjoy getting out in their boat for all kinds of water sports; but the islands are shrinking and silt is filling in the bay.

So Aransas County officials are going for a grant to build up the islands and dredge the bay.

It's going to cost about $6 million to do that work. The Navigation District then wants to spend another $5 million on other projects to improve the waterways in the area, such as the north end of Little Bay along Blevins Channel. Officials said it's the silt funnel between Aransas and Little Bays.

The plan is to build a structure out in Aransas Bay that will keep the silt from flowing down Blevins Channel and filling the waterway up and Little Bay.

All of this would be paid through the Restore Act, which funnels money for coastal projects as part of the settlement over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. If the State approves the grant request, work could start on these projects by 2019.