Emergency housing has been identified as the number one need in Aransas County.

"We're staying at a church here in Rockport because we don't have nowhere to go," Horace and Mary Escovel said.

The Escovels and their four children evacuated before Hurricane Harvey and returned home to find it virtually destroyed. Horace gave 3News a tour of the home to show how the storm had ripped off the roof, destroying virtually everything inside.

Horace would like to see FEMA provide the prefabricated homes for him and his family.

"I would hope for something," Horace said. "A house where my children and us can take a shower. I got to take them to school in Portland everyday and it's kind of tough."

County Judge Burt Mills believes that half the people in Aransas County can't live in their homes.

"This is a county of 24,000 people, and that's a lot of structures that have been hit," Mills said.

FEMA representatives said they have several emergency housing ideas, from berthing barges that can sleep 1,000 people to prefabricated cottage homes that can be moved onto any lot.

However, Mills said he is frustrated by a FEMA email that shows some emergency housing has already been moved into the Port Arthur area.

"We were hit first. We're the smallest, and a lot of people in Aransas County think we've already been forgotten," Mills said. "We need housing, and FEMA has said we're working on it, but we need it last week. We don't need it next month."

With possibly as many as half of Aransas County's permanent residents without a livable home, it gives you just a small idea of how much work is still ahead.