Halloween is a time to be scared, so here's a ghost story that should send a chill up and down your spine.

The Berclair Mansion was built back in 1936 for under $50,000, but it wasn't until 2001 when it was re-opened to the public that someone began seeing spirits.

It's not too surprising since the place has a wooden coffin in its attic. 3News asked Shirley Wyatt, a member of the Beeville Art Association who offered a tour of the place, where the body is now. She didn't know.

"This is the one spot that we have that they walk by, that they feel cold or have the hair on their arms standing up," Wyatt said.

Wyatt knows the mansion inside and out and believes there are definitely ghosts there. She said a number of paranormal investigations have taken place inside the concrete and steel mansion, which was built by Etta Wilkinson Terrell.

"One of the guys was taking some equipment upstairs and as he was walking up, he felt a cold spot, and then he heard, 'Get out,'" Wyatt said. "He didn't realize that and took a few more steps and it said, 'Get out.'"

Etta and her sisters all lived together in the mansion. In 1975 the place was boarded up after the last of the women died. Shirley thinks their ghosts are still calling the place home, and that may be true because someone has to keep a close eye on the 22 rooms there -- all still filled with their priceless 16th and 17th century paintings and other antiques.

There's another ghost who calls the place home. His name is Private John Adams -- the spirit of a military man who no one has seen. Wyatt said she and others have spoken to him and when paranormal investigators tried to get him on tape, something strange happened.

"It was a very black mass of energy," Wyatt said. "Whatever it was, it just came rushing out at us and we all screamed and one of the investigators who was sitting in front of me ended up sitting on me. It came right at us."

Another person familiar with the goings-on inside the Berclair Mansion is Kay Mix. She's been the school nurse at nearby Pettus Elementary School for 26 years and is also the Beeville Art Association's historian.

"I was the last one closing up and I was locking up the gate and I kept feeling like someone was watching me, and so I kept looking around and I couldn't find anyone," Mix said. "Finally I looked up at the mansion and it looked like there was a figure in the window waving at me."

Mix said she quickly grabbed her phone and took a picture. When you zoom in, you can see a figure in the window. Perhaps it is a snapshot of one of the long dead sisters?

Who really knows what's going on inside the Berclair Mansion? It's a house built to be fireproof, but maybe not spook proof.

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