In 2016, there were over 5000 live births in Nueces County; over 2,200 women had positive pregnancy tests at

WAMHS clinics. Compared to the State, Nueces County has generally had a higher infant mortality rate. “Our

goal is to provide the resources and tools necessary to ensure these patients have access to care. This will

improve maternal health, increase healthy birth outcomes and promote a more preventive way of approaching

ones health,” said Christina Bonner, Special Projects Director. “The Box Project will provide case management

to assist individuals in accessing available resources, motivating them to lead a more health focused life.”

The Box Project is funded through donations and individual box sponsorships, grants and Women’s and Men’s

Health Services in hopes to hand out a Baby Box to every individual who has a confirmed pregnancy through

the clinic in 2017.

Call 361-947-1778, email, or visit for more information.