Bacteria levels are up in the waters of Port Aransas, along with areas near Cole and Ropes parks, according to the Texas General Land Office's

As of Aug. 9, water quality test results in those three locations came back with high levels of fecal bacteria.

High bacteria levels in areas along the Corpus Christi Bayfront like Cole and Ropes parks are not uncommon, and those locations are not frequented by swimmers.

However, levels along Mustang Island in Port Aransas received a Medium ranking from the General Land Office, reaching high levels of fecal bacteria the farther north you go. The levels clear up at the point closest to the Port Aransas ship channel.

You can check out their interactive map here. only monitors levels of enterococcus, or fecal, bacteria. They do not test for vibrio, which is a naturally occurring bacteria in coastal temperate waters.

High, Medium and Low advisory levels are ranked as follows:

Low - Bacteria counts less than 35 cfu or MPN per 100ml.
Medium - Bacteria counts are between 35 and 104 cfu or MPN per 100ml.
High - Bacteria counts are higher than 104 cfu or MPN per 100ml. An advisory for this beach is recommended.