Several hundred naval aviation trainees, veterans and others gathered on the U.S.S. Lexington Friday morning to remember the 75th anniversary of a key WWII battle, the Battle of Midway.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns attended the ceremony and came back with the details.

For dozens of trainees who attended the ceremony, it was a sobering commemoration.

"Midway was a dramatic victory against a greater force," said Captain Eric Spitzer, Commander of Naval Air Station-Kingsville.

A video presentation featured pictures of the ships, planes and the men who flew and fought in the battle.

"It's important to remember this history and the patriotism that the people felt at the time, and that's the legacy that these aviation students are buying into when they come to flight training," said Captain Steven Banta, Commander of Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi.

Both commanders performed the Wreath Over the Water Ceremony from the side of the WWI carrier.