The sound of bouncing baskeballs and cheering fans fills the gyms at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

The Bay Ball Ballyhoop Tournament benefits over 2000 children and adults who have intelectual disabilities and helps them get involved with the Special Olympics of South Texas. There are 107 teams participating in this two-day tournament, and the games are three-on-three players.

Robert Katots has been playing in the Ballyhoop Tournament for several years, and for him, it's more than just a competition to win big.

"It feels awesome doing it so long, I've been out here for many years, it's fun getting first place, sometimes we lose but it's alright, we're just having a good time," Katots says.

Ballyhoop can't go on without generous donations and the support of volunteers. Alice Fulton-Garza, Area Two Director with the South Texas Special Olympics is grateful for all the help.

"The volunteers have been great this year, we had a lot of volunteers, we're real grateful for the university helping us out and supporting us," Fulton-Garza says.

At the center of this tournament, the players, with a passion to play basketball and help the South Texas Special Olympics chapter, and determination to have a great time.

"Playing is fun, being around with my teammates, having fun talking to other people, friends and family," says Katots.

The tournament continues through Monday, July 31, at Dugan Wellness Center and the Island Hall Gym.