Monday marks one month since Hurricane Harvey devastated the Coastal Bend.

One South Texas city feels like they have gone by unnoticed.

Kiii Anchor Bill Churchwell shares Bayside's story.

Michael Riggins rode out the storm at his house in Bayside, a small city of just over 300 people, he's still picking up debris from his yard and a blue tarp covers large sections of his roof.

Riggins said 75% of his home has to be torn out because of the mold. He has spent over a week cleaning and scheduling repairs.

Sharon Scott, Riggins's mother-in-law, lives down the street. She said her waterfront home with a million-dollar view is a total loss and needs to be demolished.

Scott is also Bayside's mayor and said it could take a year for the community to rebuild.

Resident's feel like they have been forgotten.

One resident said, "We are the forgotten stepchild of Texas."

Some good news for residents, clean-up crews will be picking up brush by the end of the week.