Bee County is getting ready to break ground on its new $25 million county jail project.

The County Judge said the money is not being built to make prisoners more comfortable.

"We just switched last year to a new service, and they hate our jail food I really don't have a problem with that if you don't like our jail food you can go stay in another jail," judge Stephanie Moreno said.

According to Moreno, the facility will cost a total of $25 million which includes all of the furnishings and the security cameras. There will be 143 beds and no rfills after County officials told architects to take out the quartz countertops.

"There was like quartz countertops throughout the jail and sheriff's office we were like we don't want quartz countertops this is a jail I personally don't care how pretty it is because this is a jail I don't want people to want to spend time there," Moreno said.

Officials aren't sure what to do with the current building, they could demolish it or sell it.

The groundbreaking for the jail is March 8, and that's when work will begin on the building.

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