Business is booming at Sno Ball on Saratoga with lines of cars and tables full of people. But there's one problem, owner Jennifer Hernandez says Saturday they had to shut down their drive thru because of swarms of bees flying in, with at least one customer leaving with a sting.

Hernandez says the biggest problem is in the drive thru line with bees flying through the drive thru window into the business. But they can't find a bee hive anywhere on their building.

Pest Patrol owner, Kent Nielsen, says with crops harvested and pollen scarce to find they could be coming from anywhere and in search of what customers are coming in for too. "All the flowering aspect of what bees thrive on is gone this time of year so they're looking for alternative food sources and moisture."

Of course a snow cone is the perfect match and it's not just the sugar. Nieslen says bees are attracted to bright colors too. So Hernandez plans to have city crews come out Monday and try to find the source near their building.