Beeville officials are working to try and put an end to the 10-day water boil alert in their community. They're also mapping out a plan of action to improve the water supply in the future.

On Thursday officials showed 3News a map of Beeville's water system, showing the good flowing areas and areas with slow moving water. Combine that slow moving water with the South Texas heat and aging pipes, and you have a water boil alert.

At least, that's the best guess officials have so far as to why residents still have to boil their water.

City Manager Bill DiLibero said the City is doing everything it can to try and get the water to pass State tests. They are also looking at drilling their own water wells near Chase Field.

Right now the City pipes in water from 16 miles away. By the time it reaches the city, the chlorine can start to evaporate quickly because of the old cast iron water pipes under city streets. Closer sources of treated water should keep that from happening.

Beeville planners are also looking at tearing out more of the old pipes.

Unfortunately, there was no word Thursday as to when the water boil alert will be lifted. The city manager said he thought it was only going to last a few days, not 10 plus.