Motions have been filed to dismiss capital murder charges against two men in Bee County.

Assistant District Attorney James Sales confirmed his decision to dismiss charges against Jesse Munoz IV and Felix Perez.

The two men are accused of killing three people during a home invasion in September 2015.

The decision comes four days after the third suspect in this case, Presciliano Martinez, was acquitted by a Bee County jury.

All three men were arrested back in October 2015, one month after they allegedly burst into a house across from Coastal Bend College on Charco Road early in the morning and opened fire.

45-year-old Rosalinda Posada and 33-year-old Barry Garcia died from gunshots to the head.

18-year old Marc Fuentes died when he was shot in the stomach.

Sales said three witnesses who were inside of the house mysteriously died just weeks after the murders.

The fourth witness and only survivor recanted her statement about who she saw inside the house just before the trial of Presciliano Martinez.