The Fourth of July is coming up. Many of your neighbors insist on celebrating with personal fireworks.

Kiii anchor Rudy Trevino spoke with the fire department on fire safety tips for the holiday ahead.

First things first, the legality of fireworks in the city of Corpus Christi.

Captain James Brown said the rules still stand, it is illegal to discharge fireworks within the city.

Make sure your outside the city no closer than 5,000-feet.

Use common sense when you discharge them and make sure you have the landowners permission.

Be careful when mixing alcohol with the fireworks, watch children and follow the instructions that are printed on the fireworks itself and again its just general precaution.

Remember to keep a bucket of water near just in case a spark gets away from you.

Fireworks aren't the only things the fire department worries about on the Fourth.

Barbecuing is all part of the summer celebration. Rule number one, don't use gasoline. You want to make sure and use proper lighting fluid to start your fire.

So come the fourth, first responders want us to be wise, safe and have fun.

Just use common sense when doing so.