Belton officials have confirmed the boy injured in a hit-and-run Friday night died this weekend.

The boy has been identified through a Go-Fund-Me page posted by his sister. According to the page his name is Richard Synder and his birthday was today. He would have been 13 years old.

Synder had been riding a bike on the South Loop of 1-21 on the I-35 Frontage Road, when he was hit by a dark colored truck. Police say the driver then fled the scene.

According to City of Belton spokesman Paul Romer, the driver has been identified and the truck involved in the incident has been impounded.

No additional charges have been filed at this time Romer says.

Snyder's sister released the following statement below:

He was a really good boy and had lots of friends and he was full of energy. Him and my father had a special bond that couldn't be broken and my brother was very loved by everyone and didn't deserve to go so soon. Fortunately he didn't feel a thing when it happened so he didn't suffer and he saved other babies lives because he donated his organs to those who needed them. He gave on his birthday instead of receiving and that's what he will be remembered by, a hero that saved other babies lives . - Racheal Snyder