As the population on the south side of Corpus Christi continues to grow so do the needs of college students.

A $139 million dollar bond for a new Del Mar Campus on the south side was passed after Tuesday's election. Construction will begin soon on a 96 acre plot on Yorktown Blvd. and Rodd Field Rd. Del Mar College purchased the land back in 2013 and the project has been in development for several years.

The need for a campus was based on the growing population on the south side. The campus is set to accommodate up to 6,000 students during its early stages.

President of the college, Dr. Mark Escamilla says that it as growth continues it is " critically important for the generations to come as well as those who are there established with a family who live there now".

Escamilla hopes services will be offered to prospective students within the next three years.