In Brooks County, the temperatures are in the 70's on Friday, but in South Texas, the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

Temperatures are expected to get more cooling over the next few days and immigrants traveling through the area could be in for life and death struggle.

"People that start their journey in this type of weather in short sleeves and just jeans and what not they will find themselves in trouble smugglers don't care," said border patrol officer Marcelino Medina.

Hugo Vega with the border patrol's missing program job is to either try and identify the immigrant's bodies and contact relatives or try and find a missing immigrant after relatives call for help.

"When it comes to rescuing, as soon as we take a request for help we try to maximize our response. We try to validate that information through the consulate cause," Vega said. "We emphasize to the families that that call is important to us. People shouldn't be dying, but we also need help from the families in order to streamline the information and get quality information in order to respond properly."

Border patrol said it will be ready to respond to any emergency out in Brooks County during the Christmas weekend. Sheriff Benny Martinez office is working with border patrol on a plan to try and stop the immigrants from being dropped off in the brush.

"We're trying to prevent actually drop-offs, okay, where these guys get dropped off and start walking cause that's where the problem lies, so we are going to try and prevent that and become active out there on patrol," Martinez said.

A tough job to do but many of the drops off points are known and will now be watched closely to stop people from dying out in the Brooks County brush during the winter.

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