City contractors have started work on the Bond 2014 Ayers Street Improvement Project, which means traffic changes for drivers to watch out for, and possibly some stress for businesses in the area.

Sandra Clark, the owner of Sandi's Diner on Ayers Street, said they are doing what they can to keep everything normal during the construction.

"By the grace of God I have two entrances on different streets. So when they do the front construction we'll just go on and let everyone know that the back entrance is open, and then at some point they are going to give me parking in the back so when that happens, it will all start flowing again like it should," Clark said. "They are building new sidewalks, which is going to take away all the parking in the front of my diner permanently, so yeah, we're just going to stay here and do the best we can to bring people in and let people know we are still here."

To see a complete list of traffic changes, click here.