Candy Cane Lane isn't hard to miss; with the giant candy canes and candles or the decked-out houses, it's a holiday tradition and display that doesn't disappoint.

Co-organizer Irene Bocanegra says Candy Cane Lane started in the 80's, but didn't get the famous name until decades later.
"The name Candy Cane Lane was given in 2003 by this one lady who had her Santa and after that it just continued, our first parade was in 2007."

Bocanegra says neighbors typically stay inside while their homes show off the bright displays, but on the same night every year, they get outside for a neighborhood-wide block party.
"We need to add more streets is what we need to do, but it's a beautiful thing," says Bocanegra.

Irene and her family spend nearly a month preparing the exterior of their home just like the rest of her neighbors. She says they typically get started right after Thanksgiving.
"It takes a lot of preparation and a lot of expenses as well because this is carried on by the neighbors," she adds.
Some people even take more time to help out the homes next to them, so no house is left unlit, but these lights do come at a cost.
"Our electric bills are pretty high around January you would think it's July," Bocanegra exclaims.

Still, the co-organizer says no cost could outweigh the joy on peoples' faces as they roam the streets of Candy Cane Lane.
"You can't put a price on the smile on a little one's face, they think this is just magical and beautiful. So if we can give that to a child or a family or someone who may be down it's worth it."

The start of Candy Cane Lane is on Donegal Drive off of Everhart Road; residents can either drive through or walk. Bocanegra says neighbors typically turn off their lights around 11 P.M.

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