U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, introduced a resolution earlier in February that could potentially lead to President Trump's impeachment.

In a resolution introduced on February 7, Rep. Castro called on the United States Department of Justice to launch an investigation into whether Trump disobeyed orders. “Numerous media reports suggest that members of the Trump Administration may have violated court orders regarding the President’s Muslim travel ban,” said Rep. Castro.

Rep. Castro went on to suggest that if the investigation proved Pres. Trump disobeyed the ruling to halt the travel ban and the President continued to act unconstitutionally, he should be removed from office. “I’m asking the Department of Justice to investigate whether the President acted unconstitutionally and purposely disregarded judicial orders," said Rep. Castro. "I hope President Trump obeyed the law, but if he didn’t, the Congress should censure him. If after censure the President again acts unconstitutionally, Congress should take steps to remove him from office."

Full text of Congressman Castro’s resolution is available HERE.

See the full speech below: