For most students school is now out for summer, but the Corpus Christi Independent School District is already gearing up for next year. Especially for their Pre-K program.

10 campuses will be expanding their half-day prekindergarten programs to full-day programs this fall, boosting the total number of campuses offering full-day Pre-K from 14 to 24.

The program is being offered in part by Head Start, which means the school district does not have to hire any additional teachers out of pocket.

Some of the schools that will expand include Galvan, Gloria Hicks and Meadowbrook.

However, not all parents are convinced. Hundreds have taken to Facebook to voice their concerns. One resident said, "I tried to put my son in Pre-K and was told we make too much. I tried Workforce and the Headstart program, still don't qualify. It's ridiculous."

Another parent said, "Wow, I needed all-day Pre-K this year at Meadowbrook! And yes I am a working parent."