Corpus Christi police were called out to a dogfight Monday morning after two pitbulls reportedly attacked another dog.

Despite their efforts, officers had no choice but to shoot the two dogs, both of which died.

The owner of the dog that was initially attacked said it wasn't the first time the two dogs had targeted her animal. She said she was thankful it wasn't her children who were attacked instead. It happened right in her front yard.

She had to watch helplessly as police tried to intervene. After pepper spraying the dogs multiple times, officers had no choice but to draw their guns.

Thankfully, the homeowner's pet survived with just minor injuries.

After multiple dog attacks in the past weeks, Corpus Christi's Animal Care Services wants the public to be aware of what they should do if bit or scratched by animal.

"It is state law that you have to report that dog bite, and that's even if your animal scratches somebody," said Danni Alcantara, kennel manager at Animal Care Services.

Alcantara said there are consequences for not reporting a bite or scratch.

"It's because of rabies control," Alcantara said. "That's why we're here. Our number one goal -- public safety."

Alcantara added that if it's your dog that causes the injury, he or she won't automatically get put down.

"It's nothing bad against your dog, I mean, sometimes it happens," Alcantara said. "It may not be intentional. It's just a 10-day quarantine period, and that's just to make sure everything's okay."

The kennel manager stresses the importance of keeping dogs properly restrained, potentially preventing it from getting hurt or like this recent case, causing an injury.

"If you don't have a fenced in front yard, your animals have to be on a leash," Alcantara said.

At this time it is not clear if the owner of the two dogs will face any consequences. However, Alcantara said you can be cited and or fined for letting your animals run loose.

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