Officers from the Corpus Christi Police Department drove to school districts in Taft and Woodsboro Thursday to help students get back on their feet.

The goal was to give students, many of whom were displaced by Hurricane Harvey, free school supplies. It's not the first time they've given out school supplies, but it is the first time they have had the help of a major corporation.

"You know, you've lost your friends, you've lost your house, you lost your school supplies, this is the least we can do," Sr. Officer Javier Cantu said.

This time the department had a little help from Walmart.

"Walmart had a bunch of different school supplies that they weren't going to be using," Cantu said.

Because Taft and Woodsboro are close to the most affected areas, they have taken in the largest number of displaced students.

"The surrounding community is still part of our community, and we're out there to help our neighbors in a time of crisis," Cantu said. "So that's what we're doing."