A 3News crew stumbled upon Senior Officers Jason Volkmann and John Villarreal helping a Viviana Hernandez change her tire Monday in the Best Buy parking lot after she was involved in an accident and her tire was flat.

Hernandez was in the middle of busy traffic, and no one had stopped to help her on the cold and wet day.

"They have been a huge help I'm car illiterate I don't know how to change a tire and I should, but they were a huge help. I was on the other side of the highway blocking off traffic, and I made it here safely, so they're my heroes for the day," Hernandez said.

Officers said they had to help Hernandez after a wrecker driver refused.

"She had a flat tire we had called a wrecker to see if they would change it the wrecker said no so she just wanted it fixed so she could go so we figured we would help her," said Senior Officer Jason Volkmann.

Officer Volkmann did not want to take the credit on this day, and he said his partner, Villarreal, had done all the work.

"You never know what you'll find yourself in the middle of. This time of year, this gentleman [Volkmann] here is the real hero he has the right kind of jack to get the tire changed, if we had had the right jack we would have had this changed ten minutes ago," Villarreal said.

Eventually, Hernandez was able to head back to work, and the officers were ready to go and solve the next big crime or maybe just stop and help someone in trouble.

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