Officers attended a body-worn camera training course on Wednesday.

CCPD officers will receive 130 body-worn cameras this week. The new cameras also have a detachable remote camera to allow officers alternative mounting options and infra-red lights for better recording performance in low light situations.

These last set of cameras were purchased with a 2015 Department of Justice grant. Video from the new body-worn cameras can be uploaded directly into the officer's patrol car dash cam system saving officers time at the end of shift and allow them to respond and focus on new calls.

CCPD is one of only 73 police departments nationwide to receive funding under the initial DOJ Bureau of Justice Assistance grant award in 2015.
Congress appropriated $20-million dollars in grant funding to assist local and state law enforcement agencies with the development of body worn camera programs.

Before an officer is equipped with a camera, they must receive three hours of state mandated training. Each officer will be educated on the functions of the camera, department policy, state open records law, effectiveness of digital video evidence, the limitations of body worn cameras and privacy considerations when recording.

Officers must successfully demonstrate the ability to record video and properly name and upload the video into the patrol unit computer.

After the cameras are distributed over one-third of CCPD will be equipped with body-worn cameras.