A Corpus Christi crime fighter is making quite the impression around town as he has been spotted masquerading around as the world's most famous crime fighter -- Batman.

The caped crusader is actually a Corpus Christi Police Department officer and his main mission is to put a smile on the faces on those that need it the most.

"It's a great feeling," Officer Braden Tackett said. "People see my suit or see me in the suit and the interaction with the community is usually overwhelming. Especially with kids."

By day, Tackett is a CCPD officer putting his life on the line for the people of Corpus Christi; but by night he switches out one utility belt for another.

"It's a leather suit and it's hot, so it takes a little while to get on," Tackett said.

Tackett spends his off time as Officer Batman, visiting kids at different events around the city.

"I was trying to find a non-enforcement way of being engaged with the community to be a positive role model," Tackett said.

Tackett said some don't always see police as the good guys.

"Our kids go to school here. We work here. We live here," Tackett said. "So we want to be more positive in the community."

Tackett said he recently visited the Women's Shelter of South Texas and felt overwhelmed at how happy kids were when he walked through the door.

"We have police officers that are coaches in youth leagues. We have pastors at churches. They go to schools," Tackett said. "We have a lot of officers on this department that engage with the community in different aspects."

When asked what his fellow officers thought about their very own "Dark Knight."

"They all seem to enjoy it or like the suit and what I do, so I believe it's a pretty positive response," Tackett said.

Officer Batman's next appearance will be at Heritage Park for the "Get Your Play On" festival from 9-11 p.m. Saturday.