Members of the Cathedral church choir, who did not want to be identified, are standing behind Dr. Lee Gwozdz who was placed on administrative leave in December.

In a press release sent out Tuesday the Archdiocese of Corpus Christi said that Gwozdz was put on administrative leave because of a personnel matter.

"All the years he's dedicated to the choir, and this is the way he goes out," choir member said. "We don't even get to say goodbye to him yet,"

Two weeks ago when Gwozdz did not show up for mass or cathedral choir rehearsals members were told he was sick.

"I was wondering what had happened to him," choir member said.

Without a word or reason news came that Gwozdz was placed on administrative leave.

'I think that's the question on everybody's mind: Why, why do it in this manner and why to do it to a man who has dedicated so much of himself to us and not even just us," choir member said. "To his faith and his music."

Past and current chorale members said the most popular concert of the year is canceled and parents said they hurt for not just their children but all the choir members.

"There's no one else that can lead the choir not even close to his level of leadership and spiritual guidance that the inspiration he gave to them," choir member said.

The Chorale members do not know the future of the program that Gwozdz started over 30-years-ago.

"We're hurt, all of us just as a family all together," choir member said. "You know the unity he has instilled in us and not even in us but just from him but through our faith is what stings the most."

Without Gwozdz, members said it feels like they are silenced since the life of the cathedral choir was taken away from them.

"We hope he comes back because he's such a good man and such a good teacher," choir member said. "And I don't know why this has happened to him."

Kiii News has reached out to the Diocese who will not comment outside of the press release.

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