The City of Corpus Christi has announced a hiring freeze for the remainder of this budget year. That means most job openings will not be filled until the new budget year, which begins Oct. 1.

There are normally about 450 job openings with the City throughout the year, but there are fewer openings normally in the summer months.

The last official citywide hiring freeze happened back in 2010, but City leaders say every year department heads will hold off on summertime hires to meet their budget goals from last year and prepare for next year.

City Human Resources Director Steven Viera said it's all about being responsible with taxpayer dollars.

"The hiring freeze went into effect on Monday, July 3, so it's recent. Not unusual for the City of Corpus Christi," Viera said. "This is usually a time that we start to slow things down in the hiring process while we're looking to balance our budget and get ready for the next fiscal year. It also gives us an opportunity to look at the organization as a whole. Decide whether there's some restructuring needed. We're looking for consolidation within certain areas."

Viera said the freeze does not apply to service-critical jobs like street and water repair crews. He added that every department often absorbs vacancies so that City personnel will do more than one job as long as needed.