The City of Corpus Christi celebrated Friday the completion of the Mary Rhodes Phase Two pipeline project, which means water from the Colorado River is successfully reaching Lake Texana.

The celebration was held at the O.N. Stevens Water Plant.

According to some in attendance, it was a tough political fight to get the job done and start the Mary Rhodes project.

"I feel sorry for them, but you know that she was some tough lady to have stuck there, and all the ones with her to have just stuck to their guns," Councilwoman Carolyn Vaughan said. "And it has paid off, and surely the citizens see that now."

The celebration capped the 24-year project. Phase Two was a 42-mile pipeline from the Colorado River at Bay City to Lake Texana, and will be the fourth source of water for the city during times of drought.

"The Mary Rhodes Pipeline Phase Two will provide Corpus Christi water customers up to 46 gallons of water per day," City Manager Margie Rose said.

The $154 million pipeline helps ensure a steady water supply, not only for residents but for business and industry.

Officials hope the water provided by the Mary Rhodes pipeline will continue to keep business and industry investing in the Coastal Bend in the future.