The Corpus Christi municipal court judge who was placed on administrative leave after it was discovered she was not a U.S. citizen, will return to work next month. As we've reported, Judge Young Min Burkett has since become a citizen.

On Tuesday, city council members voted on a second and final reading of an ordinance to reinstate the judge.

The motion passed, but not everyone voted in favor of it. The final vote was 7-2.

The two council members who voted "no" were Lucy Rubio and Carolyn Vaughn. Both council members have previously voiced their opposition to the reinstatement.

It took about 7 minutes to discuss and vote on with no comments made by council members or the public.

You will recall, the judge came under review when it was discovered she was not a U.S. citizen and placed on leave without pay almost 3 months ago.

Council gave her 90 days to become a citizen, which she did at the beginning of this month. She then registered to vote, which is also a requirement, but it is something that also requires a 30 day waiting period.

"In order to insure the paper work is fully valid and cannot be challenged by criminal defendants of orders or warrants the judge signs in the future, we are recommending reinstatement of the judge," said Miles Risley, Corpus Christi city attorney.

Instead of reinstating her right away, they pushed back her reinstatement to August.

Burkett will return to the bench starting August 14.

She was not at Tuesday's council meeting for the vote.