Residents and City Council members will see an update Tuesday on North Beach redevelopment.

Council will listen to a presentation about cleaning up North Beach and improving streets and drainage.

"I think the City recognizes that this is a big asset for our community," said Tom Schmid, President and CEO of the Texas State Aquarium. "And I think when the economic numbers come out late this year, I think that will be a good indicator of how we drive tourism in the region."

Schmidt said North Beach is starting to bring more revenue to the City. He believes the increase in tourists visiting the Aquarium this summer, as many as 1,000 a day, could mean another $20 million in economic impact to the area.

"The Lexington, the Aquarium, the restaurants, the shops, the beach," Schmid said. "Making sure that's a presentable, a nice inviting atmosphere for folks when they're coming to North Beach."

Besides drainaige, street, and curb and gutter improvements, the biggest changes include a U-shaped off ramp from the new Harbor Bridge for improved traffic access, and a small canal system in the center of North Beach.

The City has been holding public hearings on the changes and Daniel McGinn, Assistant Director of Planning and Environmental and Strategic Initiatives, said at this point, alternatives to the plan involve one with the U-shaped curve and one without, and one with the canal system and one without.

"I think the curve is something people have been very positive about, but there are certain things that could be done to Beach Avenue as well," McGinn said. "And then the canal system, it's been a mix. Mostly positive so far."

The presentation will be given to Council during their regular meeting at City Hall on Tuesday.