Corpus Christi City Council voted Tuesday to end the red light camera program. Their vote came shortly after Corpus Christi Police Chief Mike Markle recommended that the program be stopped.

The value of continuing the program has been in question before. Just last August, Council discussed whether the cameras were a worthwhile investment, and even heard a Citizen's Initiative to repeal the fines associated with those cameras, but decided to wait until a new Council was put in place to take any action.

The program is currently administrated via contract with REDFLUX. During Tuesday's Council meeting, they discussed whether or not they should let the contracts renew automatically and continue the red light camera program for another five years, or to end the program.

If the City gives notice to REDFLUX that they do not want to renew at least 30 days prior to April 26, the natural end date of the contracts, they will avoid paying an unamortized cost of $5,238.

It is not yet clear when notice will be given to REDFLUX, or when the lights will begin coming down. 3News will keep you updated.