City, County and State officials met Wednesday morning at the City's Emergency Operations Center to get an update on Tropical Depression Harvey.

The City plans to officially activate the EOC sometime Thursday as they monitor the storm's progress. Meanwhile, City crews were out Wednesday making sure storm drains are clear.

The biggest concern for the City and street crews is making sure all the storm drains are clean.

"I've got my storm crews out there cleaning all the inlets," said Mike Olivarez with the City Water Department. "They're out there cleaning up the ditches. Any type of debris that may be there to help allieviate some of that drainage."

Olivarez is overseeing the effort to make sure drains are clear around the city. One location where crews were cleaning storm drains was in front of the Nueces County Courthouse, loosening debris with pressure washers and removing it with vacuum trucks.

Olivarez said other crews are checking places under construction.

"I have them going out there for areas that we've been doing repairs," Olivarez said. "They're going to fill in those areas. That way there's no ponding water in those areas. They just completely drain out."

Another crew was cleaning out drains along Saratoga Boulevard. Olivarez said they are concentrating on drains in neighborhoods with a history of flooding as well as anywhere else.

Water Department personnel are being moved out of the Holly Road office according to Olivarez.

"We're going to stage out at O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant for safety reasons," Olivarez said.

City officials said if you see debris in a storm drain that may cause water to back up, call 361-826-2489.