Last weeks spectacular snowfall, while beautiful, has left behind an ugly problem. It's one that Corpus Christi residents are no stranger to -- potholes.

You've probably seen them a lot lately. 3News spoke with Mayor Joe McComb Monday about what the City is doing to repair them.

McComb said the reason the potholes have multiplies is because of the low temperatures and snow expanding inside the asphalt, causing it to break up.

Normally, the City has four crews repairing potholes, but after Friday they have had to double up. There are now eight crews out fixing as many potholes as they can.

It's a short-term fix, but the mayor said more would need to be done as far as a long-term solution goes.

"There's not a quick fix to it, but we are trying to at least address the immediate need of the larger potholes and try to address that," McComb said. "But the long-term is reconstructing and retopping the streets."

McComb said citizens could help the City out by not only mentioning the street names when calling to report them but also the block number. He said to be as specific as possible.

To call and report potholes, call 361-826-2489 during their business hours.

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