The City of Corpus Christi's official Fourth of July observance, normally held at Sherrill Park, was held Tuesday at the Ben Garza Gym due to Bayfront construction.

It's a ceremony that traditionally honors the role that veterans have played in securing the freedom we enjoy in this country, like 95-year-old U.S. Army veteran George Silvas who fought in the Battle of Bulge during WWII.

His service didn't end there.

"I went to war. I fought four wars. I jumped in Vietnam twice," Silvas said.

Standing proud, veterans like Silvas and their families make the time and effort to show their support.

"I'm a Korean veteran," Homar Salinas said. "And I've been at the post for 20 to 25 years."

It's during holidays like the Fourth of July these that our community comes together to celebrate our freedoms and our nation, and in doing so, honoring our veterans.

"They kept this nation strong and we still have military, you know, that are out there serving our country, and we need to be united in God's way," said Elioda Rodriguez of Disabled American Veterans.

However, amid the speeches and the music, the pledge and the benediction, there was a noticiable absence -- that of young people. There were a handful, but not enough to be counted as a presence of the future.

"We try to teach them, cause we're everywhere," said Ram Chavez of the Veterans Band of Corpus Christi.

Chavez said he is sad that more young people don't turn out to these events.

"You know, we see the young people and we mention this and we try to tell them and encourage them, and you know they're very receptive to it, but you know its hard to get them in," Chavez said.