Mayor Joe McComb would like to see the city sell more of the 191 parks that aren't being used.

Back in 2014, voters approved the sale of 17 city parks that were being underutilized.

Assistant City Manager Jay Ellington said about a dozen of those parks have been sold.

Mayor Mccomb believes the city should continue selling off parks that are not being visited and are becoming increasing burdens on the city.

The Mayor said, "Really, aggressively pursue getting off of ownership of some of those parks that aren't being used and put them back on the tax roles and put them up for sale."

McComb feels that the city has a great example of how the underused parks can become more of an asset for the city.

He said, "Last week at our council meeting we approved a site plan for i believe it was Acushnet Park which was sold not too long ago and as i understand it based on the number of units that will be going into that park and the value on those houses, a single family residential area that's going to put when it's built out going to put somewhere between 12 and 15-million dollars back on the tax roles."

The old park is the seven-acre lot where those homes will be built and residents in the area said they have no objections to new homes.

The City reported they've had success in getting neighborhoods and community groups to take over the upkeep of a number of parks.

Assistant city manager Jay Ellington said, "I checked today. We have 50 adopt a park agreements in place and that's pretty substantial from where we were five years ago."

According to the Trust for Public Land website, Corpus Christi ranks 7th in the nation for the highest ratio of parks per resident.

City leaders remind everyone that nothing can happen with the sale of park land until voters actually make the decision which couldn't happen before the next election.