The City of Portland is getting ready to unveil a new addition to their city -- a new memorial honoring fallen veterans from Portland and San Patricio County.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns spoke with the mother of one of those fallen veterans Wednesday and got an advance look at the new memorial.

There are eleven concrete monoliths in the memorial with a representative emblem for each branch of the service. The memorial will be adorned with brass plaques listing the names of the local service members.

Viewing it with 3News was the mother of one of the first six fallen veteran's to be remembered on the memorial.

"He would be strutting around here with his chest puffed out and just so proud," said Betty Russell, the other of fallen veteran John Wayne Russell. "This is wonderful what they're doing for him."

John Wayne Russell lost his life serving the U.S. Army in Iraq in November of 2003.

The memorial at first will include five other fallen veterans and will also honor 56 veterans from the area. The walkway is lined with concrete seats for visitors. City officials are saving the final design as a surprise for family members.

The official dedication ceremony wil be held at 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16.