State and local officials are already holding meetings through teleconferencing to determine a game plan for the possibility of a tropical storm.

Rockport City Manager Kevin Carruth said one of those meetings was held Tuesday morning. He said even though the City has plans to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes, it doesn't mean all residents will follow along.

During nearly every heavy downpour the city has seen, there have been people who have ended up trapped by high water because they drive around barricades. It wastes resources and manpower, and the City is hoping people will change their behavior as officials believe the storm will head our direction and not hit Brownsville.

"Now it's moved up north Corpus area so keep an eye on it," Carruth said. "I think we'll enjoy the rain as long as it comes in appropriate doses. That'll be good, but we'll keep an eye on it."

Mayor Charles Wax said the City is prepared and even has a list of the elderly and disabled who may need help during a big storm event. He also said the City will be in contact with the Chamber of Commerce, the school district and local churches so information will be quickly passed around and acted on.