We all know when one person gets sick in the office or at home, everyone around is likely to get it too. Just like humans, dogs experience the same thing, and 3News has learned that a contagious cough is spreading among canines in Rockport.

The City of Rockport sent out notice Monday saying they are taking precautionary measures to ensure that other dogs do not catch kennel cough.

Dr. Kimberly Harrell said it is not to be confused with canine influenza. The cough is not life threatening but needs to be treated immediately.

"A dry husking cough," Harrell said. "It's always best to seek medical attention and not try anything over the counter."

Dog owner Billy Woolard said he doesn't take his pet to dog parks for this exact reason. He looks for alternate ways to exercise Freddy, like long walks on the beach.

"He's my best friend," Woolard said. "He's been my best friend for 11 years. I just don't like going because you don't know what other dogs have."

Rockport Animal Control said no dogs tested positive for any infectious diseases, but if your pup has the cough it will be a wet cough, and you may see nasal or eye discharge. If that's the case, your pet needs to see a vet.

Veterinarians would like to remind dog owners that it's best to walk them at morning or night when it is cool outside and they won't burn their paws on the concrete, and to check them for fleas and ticks after being outside. Last, keep them on a heartworm preventative so that if they do get bit by a heartworm infested mosquito, they won't get that as well.