If anything, we could get some good rain -- that's what meteorologists are saying about a tropical system that could make its way into the Gulf of Mexico.

The tropical wave that was once Hurricane Harvey could find its way into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

"Just be prepared," said Billy Delgado, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Corpus Christi. "Be prepared for anything."

"If you know, when it rains it floods," said Christopher Boyce of Nueces County Emergency Management. "It's time to get ready because it's going to rain."

City and county representatives both say the same thing for "any and all emergencies." To be prepared.

Meterologists are keeping an eye on what's left of Harvey and the possibility of it making it into the Bay of Campeche, and eventually into our neck of the woods.

"Just basically monitor the situation. Keep an eye on what the weather is doing," Delgado said. "We keep an eye on what the weather is doing, so just be prepared, be prepared for anything."

Preparations could mean anything from making sure you have all your family's documents and other personal items in a safe place, and making sure you have adequte supplies on hand.

Sandra Calvo with Sutherlands said the types of items that are always in high demand are the ones that fly off the shelfs after the fact, after a storm has come and gone.

Heavy rains are always of big concern, but the City is prepared for that too.

"We do have plans in place for flooding," Delgado said. "Departments are very good about having their plans. You know 2015 we had all that flooding, so we've been through all this. So as a department, as a City, we like to be proactive and not reactive."