City staff with the Corpus Christi Utilities Department invited the public to learn more about the quality of the tap water we drink.

The public meeting was held Monday night at the Water Utilities Building located at 2726 Holly Rd. People were allowed to ask questions about our drinking water. Staff also went over the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report with folks. The report is required by the E.P.A. and the T.C.E.Q. every year. The report, in short, shows that the city's water quality looks good despite misconceptions out there from the public.

"Basically, the report says we are in compliance for everything we tested for last year. We have good water quality," said Gabriel Ramirez, Assistant Director of Water Quality for the city of Corpus Christi.

Trust in the city's water quality came under the microscope last year after previous water boil alerts and it was seven months ago when our drinking water became the center of a city-wide ban. The ban lasted 3 days and was the result of a backflow preventer issue at a local industrial area. There was a fear that chemicals may have gotten into the water supply. After several tests, officials later deemed the water was safe and the ban was lifted.

Since then, the ban also lead to council passing an updated ordinance that made stricter backflow preventer requirements.

Also since that time, the city hired Clarence Wittwer to oversee water operations for the city.

The latest report on water quality was mailed to customers in their May utility bills distributed in June. You can also find a copy of the report at

If you have a question concerning your water, there is a city hot line set up at 826-1234.