Friday was National Bike to Work Day and the City of Corpus Christi is encouraging people to ditch their cars and ride their bikes instead.

The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority, with the help of the City's Metropolitan Planning, unveiled new bike racks and lockers that will be placed around town.

The exercise you get from riding a bike can potentially help you burn up to 600 calories an hour!

Michelle Aceebo knows the health benefits first hand.

"I have a helmet. I have my gloves. I have a Taser. I'm all about peace and love, but I've got to have my Taser," Aceebo said.

Aceebo owns a business on Clifford Street and rides her bike eight miles along Ocean Drive to get there. She does have concerns about the journey.

"It's really a difficult route because Alameda, they don't have the right sidewalks, so it makes it very difficult to be safe," Aceebo said.

The roads aren't the only worry. Many would-be bikers are nervous about those behind the wheel.

May is Bike Safety Month and the RTA hopes it gives residents more of a reason to trade in their car keys for bike chains; and if you don't have a bicycle, Bike Corpus Christi has seven stations in the greater downtown area that allows you to rent one.

After unveiling the new bike racks Friday, RTA celebrated their first year in their new headquarters by hosting an appreciation breakfast.