High school students will be back out at the polls again helping during Election Day. Over the past few months, Nueces County clerk Kara Sands has visited high schools to recruit students to assist with the upcoming elections.

Students 16 to 18 years old will work as county clerks at different polling locations around Nueces County. 3 News caught up with the principal at Flour Bluff High School back in September, he shared why he thought this opportunity would benefit students and the community.

"I think it's a great student engagement and getting them engaged in the community and learning how to make a difference really early. I hope we can certainly continue in the future." says James Crenshaw.

Student Hailey Baldwin says this opportunity was something she did not want to pass up. "It's going to look great on a lot of things and it's going to give them an inside view on how things like this actually work."

For a list of polling locations visit www.co.nueces.tx.us.